The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair treatment stimulates your body’s natural hair regrowth cycle while also boosting blood flow to your hair follicles, making your hair stronger and thicker. It also has the added benefit of accelerating your recuperation and healing.

Androgenetic alopecia causes a lot of people to lose hair and develop bald spots in varying degrees. One approach to resolving this issue is PRP hair restoration. One of the safest methods and one that typically has no side effects or allergies is a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair loss therapy.

What You Need to Know

Male and female pattern baldness can be treated with PRP hair restoration, it also can enhance other aesthetic procedures and encourage the growth of hair transplants.
After many months of scalp injections, PRP hair restoration treatment outcomes are most apparent; patients may need more injections at the doctor’s advice. PRP injections are typically safe because they are administered into a patient’s own tissues, making them an ideal complement to other aesthetic procedures.

The PRP Treatment Process

A qualified doctor will carry out the Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy technique. Usually, the medical professional will take blood from your arm and put it in the unique PRP tube. The PRP tube or tubes will next be spun for few minutes in a centrifuge. Plasma can be drawn into syringes as the components of the blood are separated. The PRP injections will then be administered to the scalp region.

Contraindication for doing PRP Hair Restoration:

Some of contraindications for PRP hair includes :
1- Impaired immune system such as HIV, HTV, use of immunosuppressive therapy
2- Corticosteroid therapy
3-Skin cancer
4- Platelet abnormalities and coagulation diseases
5- Pregnancy


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By: Farhad Rejali, NMD

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