What is a Beard Hair Restoration? (AZ Office)

A beard hair restoration is taking hair from back of scalp and transplanting to your jawline or any other parts of beard you want to grow.

• We do beard restoration using FUE method without making linear incision and without use of suture or staples. In this method hair is harvested from back of scalp by taking complete follicular units one at a time. FUE is less painful, which is the reason why it’s the more commonly performed procedure.

Harvesting hair follicles:
The area on the back of scalp where grafts are harvested is shaved and then the area is anesthetized with local anesthetics and with the use of semiautomated devices or automated device follicular units are harvested and is stored in special solutions to avoid damage to hair follicles.

In implantation phase the hair are implanted using needles. It may take few days to recover from the beard hair restoration. Tiny crusts may form around each newly implanted hair follicle, but these will fall off within several days. The new implanted hairs will fall during next 2-3 weeks and new hairs will start to regrow after 3-4 months and it may take more than one year for complete regrowth

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By: Farhad Rejali, NMD

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