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Persis Hair & Skin Clinic
By: Farhad Rejali, NMD

Dr. Farhad Rejali,NMD is founder and clinical director of Persis Hair & Skin Clinic (Beauty& Naturopathic) in Los Angeles. He holds two doctorate degrees, Medical Degree from Iran, and Naturopathic Medical Degree from Canada.

He graduated from medical school in 1996 and after getting advanced certifications in hair restoration and aesthetic medicine, started his private practice focusing on hair restoration, antiaging medicine, and non-surgical aesthetic procedures in Iran. In 2010 after passing written and oral examination, he became an international member of the American Board of hair restoration, which is the only recognized certification for hair restoration.

In 2019 he started 2 years of training specifically designed for international medical graduates at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto and after getting his second doctorate degree and passing the licensing board exams in United States and getting his license in California, started his clinic. In the field of hair and skin he integrates conventional and naturopathic medicine to provide the best of what both worlds have to offer and tries his best to use latest modalities to achieve the best possible results for his patients.

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FUE Hair Restoration

Using non-surgical methods to prevent further hair loss or help to regrowth of hairs.
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Hair Loss Treatments

We use Naturopathic treatments as well as Medications to treat hair loss.
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Non-Surgical Facelift

We use different techniques such as Dermal fillers and other techniques to achieve best possible results.
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Body Contouring

With our body contouring programs you can have a complete program to have a better body shape.
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Anti-aging Programs

With an integrative approach we address all problems due to aging from low energy and low libido to aesthetic and body issues related to aging.
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Weight Loss

Our holistic approach to weight loss contains every aspect which can help to achieve normal weight including diet, nutrition, physical activity and so forth.
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Persis Hair & Skin Clinic
By: Farhad Rejali, NMD

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